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On the construction of weighing matrices using negacyclic matrices.

发布时间:2021-04-07 作者: 浏览次数:
Speaker: Tianbing Xia 教授 DateTime: 2021年4月9日(周五)上午11:00-12:00
Brief Introduction to Speaker:

Tianbing Xia 教授,School of Computing and Information Technology,University of Wollongong,Australia.

Place: 腾讯会议(会议号请联系左国新老师索取)
Abstract:We construct weighing matrices by 2-suitable negacyclic matrices, and study the conjecture by J.S. Wallis in 1972 that “For every n ≡ 2 ( mod 4), there exist weighing matrices W(2n, w) constructed from two circulant / negacyclic (0,±1) matrices of order n for every 0 < w ≤ 2n.”